Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not much…

We’re coming up on 3 weeks of waiting for a birth relative court date. I wake up early to check my email (like a madwoman) to see if we’ve received anything from Ethiopia. Nothing.


This is the point where KC and I are getting VERY exhausted. We feel downtrodden. 

We know that His timing is good, but it’d be nice to know something... anything.


This. Is. Hard. 

BUT, one positive is that it’s allowing KC and I to save a bit more money. We were still about 2500 shy of where we needed to be when KC texted me yesterday. Turns out, he got a “bonus” for training some new guy at work. To the tune of $1,000. Talk about wanting to shout from the rooftops!! 

That was a HUGE blessing. HUGE. It takes a big weight off knowing that we’re only $1,500 short of where we need to be. We’re praying that we can budget  some from next month (we’ve already budgeted moving over some this month).


So yes, the wait is hard; even excruciating at times. But He knows what’s best. And He’s already reminding us of His faithfulness.


That’s where we’re at. In the hard, but knowing He’s still keeping an eye out for our well-being. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.  ❤️


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