Saturday, July 5, 2014

Birth Relative Court Date

Well, we finally got the date for our birth relative court date...

July 23rd. 

Yeah, it's exciting to finally have that court date scheduled, but it's so far out. 

And our coordinator told us it's 4-6 weeks after that before we get OUR court date. 

At this rate, it looks like we might miss the cutoff for the court closure. Last year, they closed on August 9th through October 14th. 

Our coordinator doesn't seem to think that that will happen as they don't generally split court dates over the court closures. But it HAS happened before. 

KC and I found this out yesterday morning. We both were just so upset. We had just left the mall where we stopped by Candy Craze and got some yummies. 

We both sat in the van quietly and I felt like I was close to tears. This time it was KC who vocalized how tired he was of all the snags. I looked at him and handed him a chocolate almond and said "Here, have some chocolate. Chocolate loves you and doesn't judge". He laughed and took it. 

This is why I've gained 10 pounds so far this year. I'm an emotional eater. Ha!

We're praying that we have no more delays. At this rate, we're looking at early to mid-August to travel. I know it's only a month later than we thought and it doesn't seem like a big deal, but we're 3 1/2 years into this guys.  As of Monday, it's been 5 months since we first saw her beautiful face. We're ready to get there and hold her. 

As soon as this court date is over, we'll get our letter of recommendation from MOWCYA and then they schedule our court date so we can book flights! 

(The one good thing about a later court date, is that we have more time to save up for flights!)

Please help us pray that there are no more delays and that the next few weeks go by fast! ❤️


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