Our Adoption Timeline

FEBRUARY 11th, 2011:
Submitted our initial application to Gladney

*took time to pray about which agency to go with and work on initial paperwork

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2011:
Submitted our Formal application to Bethany Christian Services (BCS)

MARCH 26th, 2012
First home study interview

APRIL 6th, 2012
Second home study interview

APRIL 13th, 2012
Final home study interview

APRIL 16th, 2012
Approved to begin our Dossier for Ethiopia

APRIL 20th, 2012
Paid 1/3 of our adoption fees!

JULY 13th, 2012
(FRIDAY the 13th)

AUGUST 14th, 2012
Mailed off I-600 paperwork to USCIS

SEPTEMBER 10th, 2012
Fingerprint appointment at USCIS office in Ft. Smith

DECEMBER 31st, 2012
Approved for Adoption Loan to help with adoption costs

January-May 2013
Update our home study

JULY 1st, 2013
Mail Dossier to Little Rock to be State Sealed

AUGUST 16th, 2013
File is sent to Ethiopia and we are FINALLY on the wait list!!

FEBRUARY 7th, 2014

FEBRUARY 20th, 2014
Referral officially accepted

MARCH 19th, 2014
Mail I-600 to USCIS to be reviewed for PAIR approval 

APRIL 18th, 2014
File received by NBC/USCIS. We are issued caseworker

MAY 8th, 2014
File sent from USCIS to Ethiopia for PAIR review

MAY 20th, 2014
Final interview scheduled

JUNE 4th, 2014
Final interview for PAIR approval


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