Sunday, February 27, 2011

First blog post EVER!!

Well hello there! I'm excited to say that I have finally started my own blog. I wanted this to be a way to update friends and family on our adoption process. The more I've been praying and thinking about it though, the more I feel like it needs to be much more than that. A way to share details about our lives: joys, frustrations, and the battles we endure. Also a way to show how God is there through it all to see us to the other side of whatever we encounter. God has been so good to us in the last 5 years. If you asked me 6 months ago if I thought we'd be adopting from Ethiopia, I'd think you were crazy. I've always wanted to adopt, but I always assumed it would be from America, or IF we did adopt internationally, it would be from a Latin American country (I'm half Hispanic). When God revealed to us we'd adopt instead of having a third biologically, I was elated! Especially because KC, while not completely opposed to the idea still always had reservations, was for it 100%. I knew God was the one who changed his heart. That night as we sat in bed talking about it, I asked him where he would adopt from if he had his pick. When he told me Africa, I was a bit irked with him. I thought he was joking and here I was trying to have a serious conversation with him! He was serious. He said God was pulling him towards Africa so we agreed to pray about which country. The following day, I was researching adoption agencies and information when I took a break to check my FaceBook. KC had posted about his quiet time with God and how He revealed some things about the acacia bush to him. I "liked" his comment and went back to my research. The very next page I was looking at had a banner on the lower right side of the page that said Acacia Village, Ethiopia. I knew it wasn't a coincidence and called KC immediately. We knew that was it when he told me whilst in L.A. they went through "little Ethiopia" and he knew God was telling him something about it. So, we spent about 2 1/2 months researching international adoption, agencies and everything else! Well, it was mostly me. Lol. We chose Gladney Center for Adoption as our agency. As of February 11, 2011 (my birthday!) we mailed in our first application. We've had our first phone call with Judy and we qualify for international adoption. She'll be calling us back at the end of March to see how KC's working from home is going. I know this is a long process and I'm praying that God will help us keep everything in perspective. We're still a litte unsure of how we will accomplish this financially, but we do know this: We have been chosen by Him to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia, possibly with a correctable need. And that's ALL I need to know. :)