Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Opportunity

So, I'm way excited to share that KC and I are one of the 6 families that have been chosen to receive proceeds from a few purchases as an adoption fundraiser! Worthy of the Prize is a blog dedicated to "help you reach your full potential in Christ, no matter where you are on your journey!" They have a few different bloggers/ministries that they help out with fundraising and they're posts are always so encouraging. (My lovely Joy in the Journey print I have? I got it from their site.) We have been blessed to take part in one of their fundraisers. During the month of April, you can go to their site and purchase the Adoption Band (key chain) and we will receive the entire proceeds to help us bring Effie home! How amazing is that?!

{For every adoption band sold, we donate the entire proceeds to adopting families!}
You can read more about it here:

And if that wasn't enough, we are also receiving a profit of the Chosen Necklaces purchased from Cap Creations during April! 

Just be sure to select {The Collins Family} during checkout so that we receive credit for the items purchased.

God has been so faithful throughout this entire process. Even if we don't receive a lot from any of our fundraisers, it's just so amazing to see the opportunities that have been presented to us. And hey, I'll at least have another cute necklace and key chain!  J  We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing support. We couldn't do this without your love, prayers, and support. You all rock! They say it takes a village - and that couldn't resound truer than during an adoption.  © 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Study Numbero Uno

We finally had our first home study interview on Monday. *crowd cheers*  Our social worker was great. It was nice to be able to finally meet with her face to face. We've had a lot of email correspondence, but that's about it! She toured our home - the boys were incredibly excited to show her their "super clean rooms" and show her where Effie was going to be staying. As soon as she walked in the door the boys were hugging her. Lol. Like I said, they know no strangers. And thankfully - she did not inspect our closets. Haha! For those of you who didn't hear, I was trying to frantically catch up on laundry and make the laundry room presentable. In my rush, I did not get a chance to put my clean clothes away…. soooooo they were sitting in a basket(s) in my closet. haha. God does answer prayers!  ;) 

After looking at our house inside and out, we sat at the kitchen table to go over some basic questions about our family, lifestyle, parenting techniques, etc. Nothing too in-depth. That will come next week.  J  Next Thursday afternoon we'll have our longer individual interviews. This is the one about our childhoods. We'll be together for a short time, then she'll talk to us individually. I'm not worried about it - all of my issues have finally been resolved. Lol. I'm excited about getting these done and over with. Next comes the SUPER fun stuff! Lots and lots of detailed paperwork! Haha. Am I crazy? Because I'm actually really excited about signing, triple signing, initialing, notarizing, state sealing, fingerprinting and all that jazz. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in the middle of it all.

Well, that's about all that's been happening regarding the adoption. We took a much needed break last Saturday and took the boys to Branson/Silver Dollar City. HUGE mistake. We forgot that it was Spring Break. They. Were. PACKED. We did get to see our friends Joy and Lenny for a bit! So, that was pretty cool. We were exhausted and just decided to stay the night in Branson. The boys had a lot of fun. We bought some swimming clothes and hung out at the hotel pool most of the afternoon and evening.

Mine and KC's 6th anniversary falls on Easter this year - kinda cool and kinda not. Lol. But we at least get next Friday for just the two of us. So I'm grateful for that. I feel like we're running out of our babysitting tokens.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Boys

So - the boys seriously need to stop growing. We are going to go broke buying new clothes!! Caedmon was wearing a new pair of 4T and the poor kid looked like Urkel. Oliver - the beast - is wearing Caeds 5T shirts and 4T pants. The kid turned 3 a month ago! I know a lot of you know what I'm talking about. I think it's mostly shocking to see Oliver getting do big considering he was so small those first 9 months. But now... He eats All. The. Time! More than Caedmon in fact. So today, KC and the boys brought me in to work so we can go to The Promenade after work to a. Enjoy this beautiful weather shopping outside and b. to buy a few new items for the boys. They love coming up and hanging out in my office with me. They love digging through my food drawer. Oliver loves my spinny chair and Caed likes playing with my computer. KC loves the coffee shop. Lol.

See Ollie in my chair and Caed reaching for the bag of pretzels? Haha.

I love these boys. They have all of our best qualities and a few of our less-desirable ones. My 2 favorites? They're compassionate and protective. This morning I whacked my knee on the side of our metal bed frame. Hard. Like huge scratch that hurt when fabric touched it. Oliver came in while I was getting ready and the first thing he saw was the bandaid on my knee. "Mommy, why yous got dat boo-boo?" me: "oh, I hit my knee on the bed". Ollie proceeds to bend over and kiss it.

About ten minutes later, Caed comes in. What's the first thing he notices? Yep, the bandaid. "whoa, what happened to your leg mom?" me: "I hit it on the bed this morning. It's okay though". As if he doesn't believe me, Caed comes over, bends down and carefully inspects it. "Does it hurt?" me:"eh, a little bit." Caed: "but yur okay to walk?". See? Compassion.

My other favorite? They're Protective. Anytime KC and I are goofing off and teasing each other, all I have to do is yell to the boys that daddy is being mean to me. Caedmon yells at KC to be nice to me and Oliver yells "Hulk smash!" and attacks, soon after followed by Caedmon. KC doesn't stand a chance. ;)

Yeah the boys are ornery and they seem to find themselves in timeout or asked to change their feelings more often than not. But they're 3 and almost 5 and are already displaying amazing traits. It's our job as their parents to nurture that. Because, while compassion and protectiveness are admirable traits, the enemy would love to twist those and use them for his benefit.

Parenting isn't easy. KC and I are constantly trying to figure out a balance to all this. With Gods help, our kids will grow up to do amazing things in His name. And with His help, we won't screw them up too bad. ;-)

I know this wasn't "adoption related", but I wanted to give you guys a little break. Haha.