Saturday, July 19, 2014


For all the 100 million (possibly a slight exaggeration) things that go wrong in life, there are always those 100 things that happen to go right and make the rest worth it. 

So despite continued "setbacks" in adoption-land lately, today I'm going to share the blessings. 

1. We got an update on Bertie that we were not expecting. We saw new pictures and TWO videos that were longer than 60 seconds. 

In one, she was counting in Amharic so we got to hear her voice. It was more than I could've asked for. 

In the second, she was playing a handclap game with her little friend 'T'. Just 2 days earlier, I tried to teach the same handclap motions to the boys. With absolutely NO luck. Lol. 

2. Since the video contained Bertie and T, we had to give permission to T's adoptive parents to see it and they had to give us permission to see it. 

Because of this, our agency introduced us to this new family who are likely going to be traveling at the same time as we are!! We'll be staying in the same hotel, and we'll get to travel to the orphanage together and being our girls back to Addis with us. 

This means the girls would still have some familiarity when we leave the orphanage. That's a huge win. 

The mother and I have been emailing back and forth and we are close in she and our families have a lot in common. BIG blessing. 

3. I found out yesterday that we can send a photo album to Bertie ahead of us, so the nannies can explain what's about to happen. Another huge win. She'll have a better idea of who we are and won't be so blindsided! I'm working on it now so I can mail it off on Monday. 

Those are the big blessings we've had the last 2-3 weeks. They've helped us to better digest other news (stinking airfare and immigration rules) we've gotten this week. 

I'm thankful and blessed for these few things. And for the next one:

4. This time last year, our dossier was 2-3 weeks away from being in Ethiopia. And it's crazy awesome to think that we could be 2-3 weeks away from bring in Ethiopia ourselves!!

Even with all the ups and downs and (still) unknowns, I'm thankful for God and what He's taught me and shown me these last few years. 

We're close. And I'm thankful for that. ❤️


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