Friday, September 12, 2014


I'm sad to say that after two and a half weeks, our dossier still has not left D.C. 

I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing me lament about our bad news, but guys, we're even more tired of sharing it. 

We honestly have NO idea why D.C. still has our dossier after they were paid extra to expedite it. 

Not a single clue. 

And it's killing me. 

I know it'll all work out and we'll travel when we're supposed to, but guys this really sucks. 

I'm not as angry as I could be, and I'm thankful that I've been praying hard this week. 

Our coordinator will contact D.C. on Monday if it doesn't get shipped out today. So that's a bit of good news. 

I'm also thankful for Holly Gerth and her words of wisdom:

{In other words, release control. Realize that you can’t keep yourself safe. You can’t fix this problem. You can’t be strong enough on your own.

Yes, you can partner with God, but in the same way a baby partners with a parent—in trust, obedience, and surrender....

[So] Lay your head on his chest. Tell him you’re afraid and weary. Tell him what you need. Then let your heart rest.} 

Please continue to keep us and sweet Bertie in your prayers. We want to make it to our girl fast. ❤️


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