Monday, September 15, 2014

Dossier Update: Part Tres

Our dossier FINALLY shipped from DC! It should make it to Michigan tomorrow afternoon. 


Thank you Jesus.


So where are we at now?


Well, our agency isn’t going to make us wait until Friday to send our dossier to Ethiopia. They’re going to send it out tomorrow if they get it early enough in the day; otherwise, they’ll send it out on Wednesday morning. It will take 3-5 business days to make it to Ethiopia, so we’re looking at next Tuesday. 


Mr. F in Ethiopia is standing by with translators to have our dossier ready to send to MOWCYA/MOWA within 2 days. They’ll hopefully have it by the end of next week. Once we get our POSITIVE letter, we’ll be issued a court date (it’s looking like we’ll get that date around the 26th or 29th).


At this point, court will likely be opened back up. We’ve been holding onto hope that we’d get a court date of the 21st or 22nd; but it’s looking more likely that it may be later and that we may not be traveling initially with the Clarks.


Our disappointment with that is definitely diminishing as time goes on. We’d LOVE to travel when they do, but we don’t want to be there an extra 10 days before our court date. It just wouldn’t be financially prudent for us to spend an extra almost 2 weeks there only so we travel with others.


We’ll still get to stay with them at the guest house, we just may not be traveling to the orphanage together.


And that’s okay.


At this point, we’re just continuing to add cushion to our account and are praying that we still get a court date around the 3rd week of October.


I’m amazed at how calm I’ve become this last week. It took a lot of quiet time with God, but I’m coming to the realization that God isn’t going to make something happen for me just because I really, really want Him to.


It’s still hard; all the unknowns. But it’s a bit better knowing that He has a plan – one likely bigger and better than ours.


We knew this journey would be wild as soon as we said yes to Him.


We just couldn’t imagine how wild.


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