Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All you can do is chuckle...

Well friends, we have some “yippee!” news and some “ugh, darn it” news.


First, the good news! Our dossier has been translated and is ready to be reviewed by MOWA!

*Yipppeeeee!!! Yahhhoooooo!!!!*


Now, we’re just waiting on MOWA’s positive recommendation letter AND a court date!! Eeeek!





That’s when the "ugh, darn it" news comes in.


Guess who is out on vacation all week?


The judges secretary.


Why does that matter?


Because that’s who schedules MOWA reviews and then the court dates.


I know, I heard your collective “Gah! Seriously?!”….


Yes, seriously guys. All I could do was laugh when I read that information from our coordinator.


I mean, our dossier got to Ethiopia and translated in record time! We could’ve known our court date by tomorrow!


And then…… 

VACATION   *said in Seinfeld’s voice as he says ‘NEWMAN’*.



Honestly, you just laugh, and then kind of bang your head on your desk. Rinse and repeat.


Hahaha! Seriously. I have a pillow in my office for this exact situation (and other work related issues, but that’s another matter entirely…).


A part of me is beginning to get crazy and antsy and is thinking zany thoughts while making funny faces in my office. Kinda like this.



The other part of me is just chilling, leaning back in my chair and propping my feet up. Because, we’re pros at this point guys.




I feel like Jesus is crazy proud of me for trusting Him and not F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G  O-U-T!!!


He’s like “Hey! That’s ma girl! You got this cuz I got this!"


Go ahead and chuckle. I enjoy being able to make you guys laugh. And anything to keep me from thinking too much about it and eating ice cream.


At this point, we’re just SO excited that we could be seeing our girl in about 3 weeks.


Plus, in case you missed it, we actually got our October update last week. We got to see new pictures of our dear Bertie. AND we had a minute and half video of her looking at our faces for the first time. I’m so beyond excited that they recorded her looking at her family and her house.


And man, hearing her say Mommy and Daddy put us on such a high…. I’m sure we’ll manage to get through the next week of waiting for a court date. We got this.


We should hear something early next week. As soon as we do, we’ll be sure to let you guys know. Until next time amigos!


 P.S. I'm eating a slice of coconut cream pie right now as I type this. 😁



  1. I think a lot of parents adopting internationally understand "the chuckle". I know I do! I Love your blog. Looking forward to happier chuckles!

  2. Haha! Isn't that the truth! Thanks so much Emily! :)