Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good news and GREAT news!

First, the good news.


Our dossier is on its way to Ethiopia (for the 2nd time)!!


Woooooooohhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! *happy dance*


It should get there by Monday or Tuesday. We’re hoping and praying it makes it to MOWA/MOWCYA by Friday the 26th so we can get our positive recommendation letter and that we get a court date by September 29th/30th.


Friends, in just about a week and a half, we’ll finally know when we’re going to see our girl. Talk about exciting!


I’m sure you’re thinking if that’s the good news, what’s the GREAT news?


Remember how we sent a photo album full of pictures of us and our home so they could introduce us to Bertie before we arrived?  


Well, it finally made it to the orphanage. Our girl knows who we are. She’s seen our faces and the faces of her brothers. She’s seen pictures of her new home and her bedroom.


She will recognize us when we show up at the orphanage to pick her up.


Guys, she’ll know us.


KC and I cannot tell you how happy our hearts are right now.


And if that wasn’t great enough news, we found out that they took pictures of her seeing us in the album for the first time. They’ll include those in our next update that we’ll get in the next 2 weeks.


We get to see pictures of her seeing us.


We’re on cloud nine right now.


I’m a little nervous about seeing those pictures though. Her reaction may not be what we’re expecting. Haha!


But I’m just glad that we won’t be strangers when we walk into the orphanage to bring her home.


Seven months after seeing her face for the first time, she’s finally seeing ours.


Now, when people ask us if she knows who we are, it’ll be nice to finally say,


Yes, yes she does.  ❤️



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