Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Next stop, Washington D.C.!

Today is an exciting day! Our file was received by our team in Michigan. Our dossier specialist Miss C. reviewed our dossier and said everything looked great! Especially considering we gathered it all in less than 2 weeks.


And guess what? They’re sending it to D.C. today!


*cue huge shout of joy!*


If you remember (if you follow me on FB), our agency is going to have our authentication expedited. Cool huh? 

Even better, they’re going to cover the fees that go with having it expedited! Another blessing! It takes about a week for the expedited authentication.


We’re praying that D.C. finishes up quickly and that Michigan gets our file no later than next Thursday. If that happens, our file will be on its way to merry ol’ Ethiopia {oh, maybe that’s supposed to be London.  ;-) } on Friday the 5th! If not, it won’t be sent until Friday the 12th. Either one is still great, but the 5th would mean we would get our court date sooner and prayerfully within a day or two of the Clarks.


Imagine leaving the place you’ve called home for 1-3 years all by yourself. We’re really wanting to go at the same time as the Clarks so our girls can travel back to Addis Ababa together. We’ll all be staying in the same guest house while we’re there too.


Aubrey and I just know it’d be an easier transition on both of the girls if they were together at least a little longer.


So, this is where we’re at friends.


This is the last stop our dossier has to make. Amazingly, everything has been happening quickly at this step. Please help us pray it continues to go swiftly!


As we get closer to making the actual trip to get our sweet girl, I find myself constantly thinking of you guys. All of you who have helped us in our journey to bring her home. So many of you have helped out tremendously – many of our new friends, and old friends, and family members have battled right next to us.


Thank you. We cannot say it enough. I wish there was more that we could do, more that I could say. But there is so much tied up in those two words and we want you to know that we aren’t sure how to convey it…. It seems so little for so much.


But know, that we appreciate and love you all so much; you hold such a precious, precious space in our hearts.


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