Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Funny how 3 weeks ago today, we thought we’d get the news that we were cleared to travel that day or Wednesday. Instead, we received word that our case had been delayed again (3 weeks tomorrow) and we would have to re-do our entire Dossier before we were issued a court date. I’m amazed at how much can change in such a short amount of time – and how much your perspective changes once some time has passed.
Well, yesterday we mailed off our dossier!!! It should be at our agency’s office in Little Rock this morning. We’re hoping we can get it state sealed and mailed back to us by the end of the week. If that does happen, we’ll be sending it to Michigan first thing next week to be reviewed and then sent to DC *hopefully* by the end of that week (August 29th). It takes about 2 weeks to be authenticated in DC and then our coordinator will send it to Ethiopia with their Friday DHL shipment.
If everything happens in about the timeline that it did last year, our file could be on its way to Ethiopia on September 12th!
The coordinator in Ethiopia, Mr. F, is confident he can get it translated and reviewed by MOWCYA (or sometimes we refer to them as MOWA) within a few days. He thinks we’ll get a court date issued before courts open back up.
If we get a court date on the 16th or 17th, we’d have to travel by the 10th or 11th so we can take the long drive up North to see Bertie and bring her back to the capital to stay with us. That is only about 7 weeks away!! We are boldly praying and stepping out on the ledge again and trusting that He can do this for us.
I know it’s HUGE to hope and pray that God can work this through quickly and that we will get a date close to The Clarks. I know it seems crazy to hope this even after all our delays. But we are. It’s easy to get jaded by the amount of rejection and bad news we get.
But we’re making the decision to hope for a miracle. God has certainly done wilder things on our behalf.
If it doesn’t happen this way, okay. It will be unfortunate and I may cry… a lot. But I’ll still trust Him and have faith that He will come through for us in another way.
Please friends, please help us flood heaven with prayers. Not sure what all to pray for our family? Here’s a few things:
1.      Pray that our file hits all the stops quickly and without delays
2.      Pray that our file makes its way to Ethiopia by early September
3.      Pray that we get a court date issued ASAP for October 16th or 17th.
4.      Pray that our boys can handle being away from us for so long
5.      Pray that WE can handle being away from the boys for so long
6.      Pray that Bertie begins to bond with and trusts us before we make the long 20+ hour flight home
And please continue to pray for us once we come home. Our journey doesn’t end once we land at XNA. <3
Thank you guys all SO much for everything. We will continue to keep you updated. It’s getting close! {again}

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