Friday, August 22, 2014

Well, 99.9%....

Soooooo 99.9% of our dossier was state sealed. YAY!!!
Why not 100% you ask? Wellllll, we had one form that Little Rock wouldn’t state seal because it was notarized wrong. Our bank form.
Guess who spent their lunch break running to the bank? This chick.
Guess who should buy stock in FedEx since we overnight so much derned paperwork? This chick (well, KC too I guess…. Hehe)
We got a new form taken care of and it will be overnighted to Little Rock. They should get it on Monday and I’m *praying über  hard* that she can get it state sealed and FedExed back to us by Tuesday.
*Update: Beth will have it state sealed on Monday and will send the whole thing to us that afternoon. So we will have it by Tuesday!! So that means I can send it off on Wednesday and Michigan will have it by Thursday. Woot woot!
This may not seem like a big deal (and in comparison to everything else, it truly isn’t), but it puts us back almost a whole week. By the time I get it, get copies made and send it to Michigan, it’ll be the end of next week. If you remember, I was hoping to send it off to Michigan today.
Boooooo again.
BUT it happens. We’re human. Mistakes get made. I practically looked that packet over with a magnifying glass and didn’t catch it. Haha!
Not to say I didn’t read the email, stop, stare, and then bang my head on my desk a few times (kidding… sort of), but then I jumped in ‘ta high gear and got it taken care of as quickly as I could.
I called KC to let him know what happened and he reminded me that this may not have that big of an impact on us. We definitely feel that way now (a week is a big deal at this point in the game) but we’re pretty close to being finished. AND he reminded me that Mr. F in Ethiopia is going to push our case through as quickly as possible since we’ve already gone through this once before.
I find myself working hard right now because I want to get a court date within a day or two of the Clarks. It does seem a bit farfetched, but I’m still hoping for it.
So even though I had hoped to show you another picture of a FedEx packet on its way to Michigan, it seems like that will have to wait another few days.
The good news is, we paid our final $300 to have our dossier authenticated… again. Haha! NOW other than our travel fees we’re done with adoption expenses. Seriously, I’m not sure if it ever ends.
Well friends. That is where we’re at – still waiting on paperwork. But it’ll all work out soon. As hard as is to imagine at a moment like this, I know it will.

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