Friday, April 25, 2014

Some new news!!

Great news guys! I just spoke with our new coordinator Miss J. Today, she mailed off the items that NBC (USCIS) needed for our files!! It only took them 3 days to get everything gathered.

I’ll call NBC next week to make sure they received them and that they are what they’re needing. Please help us pray that they don’t make us re-do anything again. Our agency is pretty positive the paperwork is as clear as it can be.

All we’re waiting on now is for NBC to send our file to Ethiopia for determination. That’s the part that takes 6-12 weeks. And then that’s it! We get our PAIR letter and then we’ll be scheduled for court! Court is normally scheduled about 4-6 weeks after PAIR approval.

Eeeek! As long as we take our first trip before the courts close in August, I will be ONE HAPPY MOMMA! Of course, I wouldn’t mind if we got to travel at the end of June or in July either.  ;-)

We gotta kick it into high gear and bring Bertie home!

(sorry for all the exclamation points, lots of excitement going on here people!)

Here's a snippet of our convo:

We ALSO found out that during our first trip, when we come back from the north (where she is) to Addis Ababa (the capital), she gets to ride back with us!!!

She'll be with us for the 6 hour car ride back to Addis where she'll be moved into a temporary orphanage until we bring her home. 

We get 6. Whole. Hours. On top of the few at the orphanage. She'll at least know who we are and won't feel like she's being kidnapped by white people. Lol. 

KC and I were really excited to hear that! This has been a good news day. So keep those prayers comin' friends. ❤️

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