Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No word yet but….!

So I called our case worker at the NBC Immigration office. She has not received our updated information from our agency yet. We’re praying they get the updated information sometime this week! We’d love for our file to be sent over next week.




I asked her about timelines. I asked her if she knew how long it would take once our file was in Ethiopia for final review. Her words:


Officer H: “We don’t really have a set timeline. Sometimes we get them returned in 2 weeks, sometimes they take 45 days. So we don’t know until we get them.”


So to clarify I said:


“So it could be only a few weeks?”


Officer H: “Yes, but likely it could be…”


Me: “Maybe 4 or 5 weeks?”


Officer H: “Yeah. That’s probably more accurate.”


I then thanked her, hung up, and promptly called the Mister.


THIS. This is good news. We were under the impression it could be 6-12 weeks once our file is in Ethiopia. But after talking with Officer H and our social worker last week (who told us she’s pretty confident we’ll travel before the courts close in August and to confirm timelines with Officer H), KC and I think that it’s VERY VERY likely that we’ll travel for our first court date by mid-summer!


AND very possibly sooner if we’re the lucky ones who get approval within just 2-3 weeks! But hey, I’m happy with even getting approval within 6 weeks!


I’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out when our file gets sent over to Ethiopia! Please keep praying that we travel by July. We want to bring our girl home!

By the way, you know you're an adoptive mom when your bag is stuffed with immigration letters, travel vaccination FAQ's, and pictures. Lol. 




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