Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No new updates makes for one antsy Momma...

Well that title pretty much sums up everything we know right now… which adds up to about diddly squat. We’re still waiting on our PAIR letter but we have not gotten confirmation that they received our application. I was really hoping we’d have that by now.


I know we’re still done finished with the waiting game, but it’s getting harder and harder as the weeks go by. We were really hoping that we’d be back home at the beginning of June with her. But that’s looking less and less likely as the weeks drag on.


I say ‘BOOOOOO!’ to that.


Thus, we are in  what I like to call “waiting purgatory”. It feels exactly as dreadful as it sounds. Another phrase is “radio silence”. Oh yeah. That’s where we’re at.


I guess even with all the lack-of-news, it could be worse. I still haven’t begun freaking out. Or crying. Or binge eating. Or sobbing. Or overindulging pizza…. You get my point. There were a few (okay, multiple) times during this journey that I admit, were. not. pretty. I mean, they were downright ugly.


So I’m in this place of gah-pretty-please-can-we-just-hear-something? And I-just-want-to-hold-her-and-meet-her-already, but it’s actually pretty subdued.


In lieu of being in “waiting purgatory”, we’ve been trying to keep busy. We have a garage sale coming up this weekend, we’re still working on Bertie’s room, we registered Oliver for kindergarten… life still goes on even though Bertie is halfway across the world. I’m trying to stay in the present and enjoy every minute with the boys. It’s going pretty good actually!


So to sum it up: Gahh!! I hate waiting! This is hard!! But seriously, it’s not too bad.


Does that makes sense? Haha!


Annyyyywhhhoooo.... Moving on… 

We’ve still had people ask what they can do to help. Well, there is still a lot of room for signatures on her suitcase! If you donate any amount to help bring her home, you can sign her suitcase (or we can do it for you). This is something we will put in her room as a reminder of everyone who fought alongside us to bring her home.


Please understand, it is hard for us to swallow our pride and ask for your help, but we are so close to the end of this! We have a lot saved up for travel, but will need more. I posted 2 weeks ago about talking to our coordinator during our travel prep call.


We found out Bertie is in an orphanage in northern Ethiopia (Wuchale is the area) about 6-7 hours away from the capital.  That is where we have to travel, after landing in Addis, to meet her and attend court.


Anything you can do is a blessing. Even your prayers are appreciated and needed. The link to our paypal account is in the upper left hand of our blog.  ❤️


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Again, THANK YOU. We love and appreciate you all SO much.

(I’m sure the words seem like they’ve lost their meaning, but I assure you they haven’t. )

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