Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What will you choose?

Something, somewhere, has gone wrong for the millionth time.


·         Your kid gets sent home with a note (for the third day in a row) for disruptive behavior

·         Your youngest smashes his face into a doorknob and now has a shiner on his cheek

·         Bad  weather + schools close = a frazzled mom with less PTO time in her bank

·         Your dog escapes again

·         Changes at work mean more work time for less pay

·         Bad weather + 2 hour drive in said bad weather + overnight stay in different city + closed USCIS office = 2 frazzled parents with less money in their pocket and PTO time in their bank

·         You’re pants are too tight because (in the wise words of Gru) “sometimes [you’ve] eaten instead of facing [your] problems”


You get it, I get it. Sometimes, things go wrong; they don’t happen the way we want or when we want. And today. After discovering the next available USCIS appointment was March 19th, I yelled at God. Well, first I cried THEN I yelled. Not out loud or anything, people at work would’ve thought I was crazy! (er, crazier!)


But in my head. I couldn’t help but yell “SERIOUSLY GOD! Enough. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” (if you know me, you know exactly how I said that “Gah”)


But then, I realized in all the things that have gone wrong, there are so many more that have gone right. 

No matter how many times I tell myself that the bad is seriously starting to outweigh the good, that couldn't be further from the truth. 

The bad won't last forever. The delays, the additional paperwork, the processing times... Those will all pass. 

Don't get me wrong, it stinks to still have to go through all of this. But, we know who she is! I have a picture. It's real. There's a little girl waiting on the other side of all this red tape. 

I want her home. And I want her home now. I mean, who wouldn't?!

But we've crossed the threshold from CRAZY HARD WAITING to CRAZY WAITING. I think that's bearable. So far it is. 

So I'm choosing to keep the blessings at the front of my mind - nothing else. Because if you don't keep things in perspective, you'll allow all those bad things to take up residence in your mind, and once they're there, they won't want to leave. 

Take the time today, and make yourself find one positive from today. Only 1. But I bet if you think, you'll start to come up with more. 

Choose joy. 

Whether you're tired of hearing this phrase or not, it doesn't change the fact that it holds truth. 

Choose. It's your choice. Dwell in the negativity or delight in the positivity. 

It's your choice. 

Me? Well, He delights in me, and I know I delight in Him. ❤️






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