Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One big step closer

Finally, this afternoon we are mailing off the necessary paperwork in order to file our I-600 with USCIS. *let loose a big sigh*


Here is a list of our items we have taken care of:


            - Updated home study mailed to USCIS

            - I600 form filled out

            - I600 form and cover letter mailed to BCSI – this afternoon or first thing tomorrow



Here is what we’re waiting on now:


□ Verification that our case has been received by NBC office at USCIS

□ PAIR approval letter from USCIS - anywhere from 4-12 weeks (praying for a shorter time)

□ Court date from Ethiopian Embassy – 1st trip

·         Then, we come home for anywhere from 2-4 weeks

 □ Court date from American Embassy – 2nd trip

·         BRING BERTIE HOME!!!!!


There are so few steps left, but each one takes time. I have no control over any of those items. And amazingly, I’m not freaking out. Lol. I am a serious procrastinator – like SERIOUS. I am arsty-fartsy, lets-do-it-tomorrow, I want my house to look “lived in”,  and a lot of times, I just go with the flow, whatever happens, happens kinda gal.


BUT there are times that I know things need to be done and done correctly. And that side of me loves lists and deadlines; loves research; loves knowing what’s next; loves knowing what’s next after my next step and so on and so forth. Haha!


I once took one of those “Which Side of Your Brain Do You Use Most” quizzes. It said I use mine 50/50. And I KNOW it’s true. Poor KC – I’m either “eh, let’s do it later” or “get it done right this second!”. I’m sure I wasn’t always 50/50, but years of paperwork for an adoption will do that to you.  ;) 


Anywhoooo! We’re close guys. SO close. I’m getting so excited! And, it’s been almost 6 weeks since our referral and I have not had a breakdown yet. *pats self on back* I’m okay with the timeline. I know that I’d love to see her home by the beginning of June. So, that’s what I’m praying for. I’m going to God with that. And if you don’t mind adding that to your prayer list, our family would appreciate it.


To leave you all, I’m going to do a little photo dump. Just pictures of our life while waiting for Bertie. It’s amazing how much life has changed. We can look to the future. We can plan stuff! We can have a vacation after 4 years!! And she’ll be there with us. The boys are dead set on visiting Disney World again with Bertie. Oliver is set on visiting the beach for the first time now that she’ll be here.


Enjoying the beautiful weather on a Sunday afternoon

Hunting for Bigfoot (the boys are in a Sasquatch stage right now haha!)

Our "bait"

From Bertie's Shower

Tag the bag (er, suitcase)

Her closet!

Can't wait 'til she's here.  :))





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