Monday, March 10, 2014

Changing the timing or changing us

Hello from the adoption battlefront. Okay, that may be a bit much, but some days it does feel like that.  :-D


We updated you all last week in regards to our USCIS re-fingerprinting appointment. They had closed the day of our appointment due to the weather – even after we traveled 2 hours to get there. When I called our NBC officer, she suggested we “walk-in” since they were closed. Otherwise, the soonest appointment was at the end of March.




KC and I headed down to their office and they were able to squeeze us in! I joke it’s also because I helped the office translate in regards to a sweet couple there to renew their residence card. Tehehehe. KC told me “We sat in the wrong spot” (right by the window) because I kept getting pulled in to help translate. But I didn’t care. I was happy they squeezed us in!

So yippeeeeeee for good news!


Fast forward to this afternoon. We get an update from our coordinator. We’re still waiting on some paperwork from Ethiopia in order for our coordinator to submit our case for review and PAIR approval.




Our agency also received  update timelines in regards to PAIR approval. Are you ready for this? Are you sure?


The shortest processing time was 86 days. The longest processing time was 229 days. The average was 125 days.




That means, IF we’re on the shorter waiting end, it could be mid-May before we take our FIRST trip. We were hoping to take our second trip by the end of May to bring her home.


Not gonna lie, I let loose a BIG. GIANT. *SIGH* and a boo hoo hoo.


But luckily that was out of my system pretty quick. I think I’m handling cruddy news better each day!


I’m thinking most of those delays were due to the government shutdown and the holidays. So maybe the time will be shortened now that all that is over with. But, I’m also praying that God does something like this:


“What? 86 days? 125 days? Psh, nah. Here guys. How’s about 40 days?”


That’s what I’m praying for! Haha! And KC, being the sensible, level headed man that he is responded to my suggestion with this:


“We will pray that He either changes the timing or changes us. Lol”


To which I so cleverly replied:


“Lol. The former would be thuper duper exthiting!” (thank you She’s The Man)


Anyway, this has been a day full of good news and bad news. And yet, KC and I were able to take it all in stride. I’ll accept whatever He does – changing the timing or changing us. That doesn’t mean I don’t pray for one over the other.   😊


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