Saturday, June 7, 2014

Plan Q

Whelp. It's amazing how much our plans can change when we give everything over to God. 

When we started out on this journey to adopt from Ethiopia, we knew we'd be taking 2 separate trips to see our girl and then finally bring her home. 

At one point, we considered switching to South Africa but decided against it because we'd be required to stay in-country for 6-8 weeks. 

Last month our agency told us that they were considering offering the option of 1 trip consisting of 4-6 weeks. We'd be able to take custody of Bertie after we cleared court and spend bookous of time with her. 

But, we quickly dismissed that option. We thought it just wasn't feasible. Thought. 

So here we are, about 5 weeks away from traveling and we contacted a travel agency regarding airfare because we were told prices double in the summer. 

It's true. We were expecting to spend 1200 and now we're looking at 2500 A PIECE. 

Talk about a kick to the gut. KC and I talked about it and then thought it might be cheaper to stay in-country. 

So he asked me to run the numbers. And we were amazed. It really WILL be cheaper to stay in-country! 

We've been told we could be there up to 6 weeks, but we're praying it's shorter, as we've seen some families come home after 4 weeks. 

This DEFINITELY changes SO SO much. 

A. We'll be in a foreign country for at least a month. 
B. We'll be away from our boys for at least a month. 
C. We'll be with our newly adopted daughter for at least a month in a foreign country. 

So this is just to update family and friends. If anyone has any tips or advice for staying in-country, please share them. We'll take all the help we can get. 

KC and I are a bit nervous about leaving the boys for so long, but we're also excited about spending time with Bertie in Ethiopa. I'm pretty sure the boys will be fine chilling with grandparents and aunts and friends. Lol. 

This is was a quick change and we're still digesting it all. I've been pretty emotional the last day or two, so please be prepared if you encounter me in the next few days. Haha!! 

We'll let our agency know next week and they'll be able to give us more information and more details. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as our journey takes an unexpected yet exciting turn.  ❤️


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