Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Final interview Status? COMPLETE!!!

Eeeeek!! We got an email from the embassy early this morning. 

They’ve completed their final interview and have sent their determination to the NBC/USCIS office here in Kansas City.


They do not tell us what their determination was in the email. Our officer at NBC/USCIS will do that within the next 4-10 days. IF we cleared, which we’re 99% sure we did, they’ll mail us the PAIR letter.


And that dear friends. Is the last piece of paperwork we need in order to make our first trip to see her beautiful face. It won’t be long now! And we can barely contain our excitement!


We will upload a copy of our letter to our agency so they can send it to Ethiopia so Ethiopia can schedule the birth parent/relative court date. Those are normally 3-4 weeks out.


And then we could travel within a week or two of that date! We could be in Ethiopia the week after the 4th of July! Or earlier if things go along smoothly.


Friends, I know we’ve asked a lot of you these past few months. But please help us pray about our trip.


We still are unsure as to whether we are going to take 2 separate trips or if we’ll stay in country for 4-6 weeks (even though we’ve been told it could be closer to 3). Both require more finances that we had planned for as ticket prices double in the summer.


If we don’t stay in country and decide to make 2 trips, we will get minimal time with Bertie. As in barely 2 hours with her our first trip and then only 2-3 days our second trip before bringing her home.


We’re praying and waiting on God for a clear heading. That He will either provide the funds needed or that He will help us develop a bond with Bertie in that short amount of time.


Sweet friends, will you agree with us? And help us pray for clarity?


And if you haven’t already heard, we’ve been selected as the featured family of the week at Give1Save1. We’re so blessed by this opportunity! You’re more than welcome to head over to their blog and check out our video and donate if you feel led.


I don’t think KC and I can adequately express how grateful and humbled we are by your kindness and generosity. I wish I could come and hug each of you around the neck. Since that’s not likely, imagine me hugging you tightly. And crying. Because let’s face it, I’m a hugger and I tend to get emotional. This hug could get awkward. But that’s okay. Because it’s all I have to give you for all you’ve done for us. <3  











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