Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh the blessings...

Many of you know about our relationship with Helga and Susan - it's not been the greatest. They're constantly giving us problems and we're constantly spending money on them. Oh, you don't know who Helga and Susan are? Allow me to introduce you: Helga is our 2001 Chrysler Town & Country minivan and Susan is our 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. What? You don't name your vehicles. Oh…. well - we're the weirdo's that do! Lol. I had a Ford Focus named Darth Vader because a girl so accurately pointed out that it looked like Vader's helmet (Yes, I'm proud to be a geek!) and KC's jeep was named Grave Digger. We. Are. Those. People. Haha.

But the boys love calling the van Helga. Last night our good friends Tiny and Celetha came over so Tiny could help us look at the Alero/Susan. We spent a lot last fall ($2000+) to get it back up and running and then she started leaking oil. Bad. Well, life happens and we never got around to taking her back in. Then, last July the A/C went out in the T&C/Helga. We thought it was fixed last summer and again this spring when we took it in. No luck as it was a bigger problem than they thought. Cost? About $1200. Ouch. This is in addition to the 800+ we already spent on Helga this spring .

So Tiny comes over to check out Susan and the whole time KC and I are praying that it's just something small. A loose oil cap KC says. Tiny gets the hood popped and they crank the car up on the jack. After a few minutes they figure it out - the seal on the oil cap is loose. PRAISE. GOD! Cost? About 2 bucks. *commence happy tears* Now, she's been sitting in the drive for some 8 months now, so we had to jump her last night and again this morning. But I've gone out to start her and haven't had any problems. If Susan doesn't start again, we'll need a new battery. But I'll take it! If all we have to do to her is replace the battery and get new tires. I'm one happy camper.

And what about Helga you may ask? Well, she'll be like new on Monday. KC got paid this week and we've decided to fix the A/C in the van. These cars are paid for. We want to keep them for another few years. I know that money isn't going to the adoption account (neither has his last paycheck - car repairs), but God will provide. We still haven't gotten our home study approved. That's a WHOLE 'nother long post. :-/

I'm just amazed at God. Even when everything seems to be going wrong with the adoption, we still get blessed with things like having a friend who will help with car issues, KC working at a job that he can make enough on one check to take care of expensive car repairs, and a God that helps calm my spirit when I feel like I'm about to burst. A God that is faithful no matter what. So my hope? It's in Him. Better days are ahead. <3

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