Friday, October 10, 2014

And again….

MOWA has new processes and procedures in place. Therefore, our file was not reviewed at the court date appointed especially for us for reasons unbeknownst to our agency or the team in Ethiopia. There are now 3 hoops to jump through before MOWA will even send our file to court to be issued a court date.


We’re apparently at the 2nd hoop.


On Friday afternoon.


Our agency is doing everything they can to get us a court date. But MOWA seems to be making it more and more difficult. No one is sure what’s going on with them anymore. There are many new officials in MOWA and at court and it doesn’t seem like anyone there knows what’s going on.


That’s pretty much all we can tell you guys.


There’s nothing more that KC and I can do. We’re at their mercy.


It’s hard guys. I mean, crazy and ridiculously hard.


At this point, we won’t be in Africa until the very end of the month.


I highly doubt we’ll get to leave next Friday like we all were hoping.


We might be a little quiet this weekend and next week. I don’t want to post updates that aren’t really updates.


We’re still holding tight despite how hard the wind is blowing.


I have no doubt that we won’t be there soon, it’s just that each delay and new procedure is tiring.








It’s a fine line that KC and I are treading. Between remaining hopeful and not crossing over and becoming bitter and cynical. It’s easy to wake up one day and realize you’ve crossed that line.


But I’ve got to remember that our hope isn’t in man. Or courts. Or organizations; it’s in Him.


And even though we’re tired and exhausted and feel like we can’t hold on any more,


We know He’s still there holding us.


Throughout this whole process – from day one – I don’t think I could have made it if I didn’t have hope.


Yes this is hard. Yes the delays suck. Yes I’ve wanted to give up. Yes I’m dying to hold my daughter.




But it’s SO worth it! I gladly take these ups and downs with the knowledge that Bertie will be with us soon.


(That doesn’t mean I can’t cry about the hiccups we encounter, because I can.)


He never promised me that things would be easy. But He promised me that He’d be with me each and every painful step of the way.


He’s always there.








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