Monday, July 30, 2012

Over 10 months in...

I wish I would've posted something on the 23rd as that was our 10month mark, but I'll be sure to do so on September 23rd as that was the day we officially began ALL of our paperwork. We got our signed and officially approved home study on Thursday! *begin the cheering and woohoo'ing* And today we mailed off our very first grant application. Please intercede on our behalf as Lifesong International receives our grant information in the coming days. Things have been slow in the work department for KC. And as many of you know, that is what we are using to fund our adoption. We've had a few fundraisers that have done well, but most of our funds come from his earnings.

We could really use God's provision as we are embarking on this last leg of our journey. We have a lot more due in the next 4-8 weeks than I had originally thought - blame that on my excitement haha! I just thought that our next 2 amounts due were split pretty evenly and they're not. A bigger amount is due this time with a bit smaller amount once we receive and accept a referral. I'm confident that God will provide in one way or another. Whether someone gives us a ridiculously large check or KC is bombarded with tons of eligible applicants - I'll be glad for either one!

We'll be sending off our USCIS paperwork in the next day or so. Just trying to get everything sorted out and organized! Then, we'll send our Dossier off to Little Rock to be state sealed. It's SO crazy to think that our paper chase is coming to an end! It's bittersweet: on the one hand, the paperwork kept us distracted; but on the other hand, it will be nice to enjoy life for a bit without worrying about deadlines. Lord knows we'll have plenty to keep us occupied in the upcoming months: Caedmon starting Kindergarten, Oliver starting pre-school for the first time, both of the boys are signed up for soccer, and a few other church related classes KC and I are hoping to commit to. I'm praying that will keep us occupied enough so we aren't thinking about our referral 100% of the time…. maybe only 80% of the time instead. ;)

Again, just keep our family in your prayers. Pray that God will continue to be glorified in our lives - because all of this, we could have never done on our own. HE deserves all the glory.

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