Monday, April 23, 2012

One-Third of the Way There

On Friday, April 20th, KC and I paid 1/3 of our adoption fees. Yes, you read that right. ONE-THIRD. When you start out seeing a number close to $19,000, you immediately begin to doubt; you wonder, how in the H-E-Double Hockeysticks are we going to do that?! (yes, I just said H-E-Double Hockeysticks - you may commence giggling. Haha) But seeing how we are now down about $6,000 you know we can do this. God has been blessing us tremendously throughout all of this. I know I say it time and time again, but it's the truth. We could never have hoped to have that much money sitting in an account before the adoption. I've never been so happy or excited to come close to depleting our account. Haha!

And now we start again! And I. Can't. Wait! God has been faithful to us. I'm trusting in Him and the promise He has given us. Trust me, it's not been easy saving that money up. Lots of unexpected things come up and happen - dryer issues, a non-functioning A/C in the van, and a spare car that's leaking oil, car problems for my mom, more trouble with my dad - and you do as best as you can without. As much as I can't wait to have ice cold air blowing on my face while driving home from work, at least one of the windows works (the other only works half the time lol), and we're getting that much closer to bringing Effie home.

I know some people don't understand this - how we can call her by her name and save money and go through all this paperwork and red tape when we don't even know her. But I do. I know her. She is my daughter. She is being taken care of for us by God and others He has put in her life. We pray protection over her every night when we pray for the boys. We've added her name to our little prayer we pray with the boys each night too. I know her. I may not know what she looks like, how old she is, what her hair is like - but I know her. And I'm working fiercely to bring her home.

I get a lot of people telling me they think it's ridiculous that it takes so long, costs so much, involves so much work, etc.; and I can see your point. I've had those thoughts before too. Many many times if I'm honest. But when I look at the flip-side of it, I realize that there are a lot of dirty, dishonest, scumy people out there. People who would take advantage of the opportunity to adopt for "profit". So, all of this "red tape" is in place to prevent that from happening. To make sure that these children are truly going to a home where they will be loved and taken care of. So please - if you're reading this - don't tell us you think it's ridiculous. Or that we're crazy. Well, maybe we are a bit crazy. We have a crazy love for a God who has asked us to do this. And now we have a crazy love for a little girl whose face we've never seen.

You'll see. It's ALL going to be worth it. When she's home, you'll forget all those thoughts you had. Because she's just a little girl who was waiting for someone to come and bring her home. I know when I'm holding her in my arms, I won't care about how much time it took, about the fees or the paperwork. All I'll know is that I'm holding a two-fold promise I've had in my heart that my God fulfilled; an adoption and a daughter.  ©

Throwing rocks

Oliver scaring the turtles by throwing rocks

Caedmon watching the turtles

AND!! Drumroll please: Worthy of the Prize has reached 530 followers! That means that whatever money is raised in the month of April (the Chosen Necklaces or Adoption Bands) will be doubled!! Thank you all SO SO much for all your help in making this happen! You all are truly amazing! You are a part of this - a part of her life. You're helping us bring her home.  J It's also pretty cool that KC was follower number 530. You'll see Hidden Bars - that's KC. 


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