Friday, May 4, 2012

Dossier Compilation

Not a lot going on lately adoption related. We're working hard to get all of the necessary forms and letters gathered and notarized for our Dossier/BFF (big fat file). You'd think it'd be easy. But it's a lot of work tracking down paperwork. Haha! Amazingly, I sent the Medical Request Letter to my PCP to fill out today and they've already called and said it's finished. If any of you know anything about doctors' offices, you know their notorious for dragging their feet. Especially if they're a clinic that's been in business F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Now, when KC gives his to the VA, it'll probably be finished by oh, I don't know - August? Haha. Seriously though….

We have the Pancake Breakfast next Saturday the 12th and I'm stoked! I really think this one will have a good turnout. I mean, who doesn't love a cheap breakfast with delicious coffee? Ethiopian coffee to be exact. Mmmmm. It's delicious I promise. We're blessed to be able to have it at the coffee shop inside the clinic I work for. We searched everywhere for a place to hold it, when the gals in the coffee shop - Latte Da (how cool is that name? Makes me think of Brown Eyed Girl) - suggested we use it. Plus, Andy who works in the Fayetteville coffee shop and Don (our awesome courier) are going to be making the pancakes for us! Bri - the manager - is going to help check everyone out. Haha! How awesome is that?! They're all such great people.

We had a garage sale last weekend to get rid of a lot of clutter in our house. We ended up having tons of people donate stuff again! We made about $400 to go towards preparing Effie's room and the rest was to be put in our adoption account. The boys had a lemonade stand and made about 8 bucks - mostly from Pops. Lol. Caed kept yelling "Lemonade! Get yer lemonade! Hi ma'am, would you like lemonade?" Ollie just kept drinking it until Caed said "If you drink it all, there's none to sell. SO STOP!" We died laughing. These boys - never a dull moment. So you'll see pictures from the sale and of her room in a bit. Just remember, her room is in progress.

That's about all we have right now - sorry it's not more engaging. Haha. Oh! We did finally get the A/C fixed in Helga (our mini-van). Do you know how GOOD it feels to have the A/C in your car after not having it for almost one year? Ah-mazing. So blessed to find a great mechanic that didn't want to rip us off. We know, because the first place we took it was quoting us 2,000 higher than what we paid the 2nd place. I know. My jaw dropped too!

Anyway, here are a few pictures to get you by until we hear any more news. We're waiting on our home study to be approved so we can send off our immigration paperwork and get our fingerprint dates. Once we get those back, we can send our Dossier to Little Rock to be State Sealed then forward it on to Ethiopia! Praying everything goes smoothly. We'd love to be approved by Ethiopia in June.   ©

Our official packet!

It's all gotta be notarized

Our handy dandy .... Checklist!

My accordion file to keep me as organized as possible

The gya-rage sale! Thankful my Mother-in-law let us have it at her house. She's in the middle and my Mom is on the left.

The boys selling lemonade to unsuspecting customers

I think that was Ollie's 5th cup of lemonade. Haha!

Testing colors

Sorry for the bad lighting - the sun was pretty bright

Again, this picture doesn't do the color justice - but it shows the pretty curtains. They're actually shower curtains from Target, but I loved the pattern and colors!

There we go! Better picture of the color. Still a lot of work to do!


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