Monday, April 2, 2012

Kindergarten? Already?!

So this morning I had to register Thing 1 (a.ka. Caedmon/Iron Man/Captain America) for Kindergarten. Can you believe it?! I can't. Kiddo numero uno will be 5 years old at the end of May. Sheesh! Where does the time go? {On Easter Sunday, KC and I will be married for 6 years - again, I can't believe it's already been 6 years with this amazing, crazy, fun loving man!} Anyway, I had to fill out a million forms (obviously an exaggeration, but my hand felt like it was at least in the 200's) whilst sitting at a cafeteria table. It was actually pretty exciting. I didn't get to see a lot of his school, that part will come in May, but from the outside it. Was. Monstrous. No lie. It was probably double the size of mine and KC's elementary school. Good ole Elmdale Eagles. All of the staff I met were super friendly and the principal even came by and introduced herself and asked about Caed. And let me tell you, Caed is stoked about starting school. He's gone to preschool, but Kindergarten is it. The official "I'm a big kid in school" step.

I think Caed will do great. He makes friends easily, has no trouble starting up conversations with random kids at the park, grocery store, Target, etc. He is pretty talkative and loud, so I'm sure we'll hear about that from his teacher. Lol. But, he gets it from my side of the family.

Thing 2 (a.k.a Oliver/War Machine/Bucky.... notice he's always the sidekick??) was excited about starting school too - even though he's not. Lol. He is going to miss his big brother something fierce. I think we're going to try to put him in Pre-K one or two days a week to get some interaction with other kids once big bro starts school in August. I'm afraid he's going to take it pretty hard. That's the downside about them being at home together 24/7.

Saturday the boys and I got our "date day". KC had his homeless ministry outreach, so the boys and I had a fun day together. I love the last Saturday of the month for that reason. I work all day, and don't get a lot of time with the boys in the evenings before bed time and with all the church activities. So this is one of my favorite days. We went to buy them some new sandals/flip flops. They never really wear flip flops, so this was new to them both. Caed had a harder time with it because he has big feet and the ones in his size don't have the back strap like Ollie's did. But, he got used to them pretty quick. I'm glad they changed into their sandals because we went to Gulley Park after that, and I forgot that there's a creek there that they can play around. We stayed there for a bit then headed to Bliss for some yummy cupcakes. We picked up KC then headed back to the park for a while.

It's been a great week. Not only with the fun we've had with the boys, but I also mentioned about the fundraiser we've been blessed to be a part of. So head over to Worthy of the Prize's blog and check it out. We're part of the April Adoption Feature. Pretty exciting!


Caedmon and Oliver


After exploring a big bush

The boys and I at the park

Daddy spraying them down.


  1. Hey guys, just came across your blog from the article on My wife and I will be praying for you and your family through this process. It's certainly not easy but God is faithful. Best wishes.

    1. Glad to hear you found us through They have such an encouraging blog. We greatly appreciate the prayers. It's not easy, but will all be worth it when we finally see the face we've been praying about for so long. Thank you! :)