Friday, May 13, 2011

UPDATES!!!! Woooo-hooooo!

Hello everyone!! It's been awhile since I've updated, but boy do I have a lot to share! On Thursday, May 5th, KC and I met with Sara at Bethany Christian Services. We went over fees, time-lines, details, requirements, the whole she-bang about the adoption process. After 2 hours there, we felt even more confident that Bethany was the agency for us. *cue cheering*  We talked about the fees associated with the adoption and the time-line of when those will be due. We were a bit surprised when we found out that about a big portion of those fees would be due in about the first 6 months of the process. But God has called us to do this and we are more than confident that He will provide. God has even opened our eyes and shown us more of the picture - He has revealed to us how He will provide for us to take care of those fees.  :)   We have decided to wait a few weeks to "officially" fill out the the paperwork. We want to more funds saved before we start this. We'd hate to jump in, and have to stop or wait because we don't have enough saved up to move to the next step. But this is all in God's hands; it will all work out at the right time.

So, our first step (before starting all the other steps) is to raise some more funds. We are having a garage sale on June 11th at the Tyson 412 West building in Springdale right across the street from Hastings. It will start at 7am and last until, well, whenever!! We already have some donations (thanks guys!) but are always willing to take more. If anyone has anything that they would like to get rid of, you could donate it to us and know that it's going to a great cause.  ;)  We are also hoping to sell some t-shirts. We have a design that we've come up with, now, we're just looking for the right person to help us create the shirts without charging too much. We'd love to have these ready so we can sell them at the garage sale too! We're also thinking about having a bake sale there too. If anyone can help out in any way, even just coming to help set up, organize, or just hang out and give moral support, we would greatly appreciate it.

God has been so amazing throughout this entire journey that started with a prayer last October. At first, it just seemed like we were looking through a small hole in a fence, then, every couple of months, God would reveal something else to us and that hole would get a little bigger each time. Now, it seems like we are just about to see the whole picture. You have no idea how much that excites me. We have had people support us so much on this entire journey - physically and spiritually. We have had two people, who, when they heard about our garage sale through a mutual friend/acquaintance, got in touch with me and said they had a trunk load of stuff that they would love to donate to us for our adoption. These are people I've never met, but because of our amazing family, friends and church, they have heard about what we are doing and are wanting to help in any way they can.

God is providing for us in unimaginable ways! I am SO blessed that he has called me to be a mother of two amazing little boys and that He saw me fit to be the mother of an amazing little girl across the ocean. People sometimes get confused when I talk about her; they want to know why they didn't know that we already got our referral. I can't help but laugh. We may not know anything about her physical attributes or characteristics, but we know that Christ has called us to all be her family. We pray for her every chance we get. I know all I need to know right now; there is a little girl somewhere out there that is ours. There is a piece of my heart out there somewhere and pray my hardest that she is safe and that she knows that there is someone out there who loves her tremendously. When I was pregnant, I prayed for my boys every single day. I didn't know anything about what they looked like, or who's temperament they would have, mine or KC's. But that never stopped me from praying for them every chance I got. Why would it be any different for our daughter? I am putting everything in God's hands - the timing, the funds, everything. I know that He will make a way. All I have to do now is pray for patience! Hahaha! I get too over zealous sometimes!

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