Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rummage Sale!

Okay, so, needless to say I'm uuber excited about everything God is doing for us! This entire process leading up to the garage sale (which, by the way, is on June 11th and coming up fast!) has been pretty seamless. We've had many awesome people donate TONS of stuff - all we've had to do was get the word out and pick stuff up. God has amazingly done the rest! I'm seriously in awe of God's faithfulness. It's one thing to hear about the thing's that God's doing in other people's lives, and even another to see it as a third party; but to see it first hand?!?! It's incredible to say the least. We have just been bombarded with people's generosity. Seriously.... I CAN'T GUSH ENOUGH!! OR THANK THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED ENOUGH. Thank you for following God's leading. I know He will bless you for blessing us. I pray He blesses you double! I've posted some pictures of our dining room.

And for those of you coming to Caed's birthday party this Saturday - I completely forgot that we had all of
these donations in here. Lol. If I'd thought about it, I would have had it somewhere else. But if the weather is warm (like I'm hoping) it'll be outside anyway.

We're still accepting donations and even baked goods for the bake sale we're having at the same time as the Rummage Sale. I'm going to try to bake some stuff, but I know I'll be super busy keeping everything organized. We could also use extra people to help that Saturday if anyone is available. We even have awesome aprons for you to wear. Don't worry, they're not girly or anything.  ;-)

We have hardly any room left in our dining room, but that's a problem that I LOVE. AND we still have a few more loads to pick up! Big stuff too! We're so excited... seriously - I'm sure you can tell. Haha. I am giving God all the glory for this. Including KC's pay that he's received from this job. God is providing for this adoption in a way I never thought possible. HE IS SO GOOD!

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