Monday, May 2, 2011

New Agency

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to update. We just have had a busy month. So, here it goes! We have switched agencies. After taking a step back and praying about it, we felt that Bethany Christian Services was the best fit for us. We have nothing against Gladney and they were a big help, but we feel as though Bethany is the best agency to guide us through this long process. We have been talking with Bethany for the last few weeks and have a meeting with them this week. We are so excited to sit down and talk with them - to go over timelines, fees, etc. It's one thing to pray about it and do tons of research about adoption, but it is something completely different to finally sit down with the agency and go over all the details and ask the questions we have burning in our heads. I cannot wait!! I know this process will take a long time, and we are doing our best to pace ourselves.    :)

I did get a chance to go to a Q & A session hosted by Russell Moore, the author of Adopted for Life and the father of two adopted sons. He had a lot of amazing points about adoption/foster care. I was very lucky to get a chance to go. A woman there asked a question about financing adoption. I loved his response: "As cliche as it is God will handle it... God will provide the funds for you when the child He has chosen for you is ready." I will need to tell myself this 'when the child He has chosen for you is ready'. It's all in His timing. I need to continue to remind myself of this. Wherever she is, she may not be ready for us and we may not be ready for her. We need to put this all in God's hands and trust that He will give her to us when the time is right.

I will update again once we meet with Bethany. It also helps that they have a local office here in Springdale; right behind Susan's believe it or not! We are so excited to officially begin this journey. We would appreciate everyone's prayers - for strength, for patience, and for obedience.

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