Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Interview

Guys, the final interview is in ONE WEEK on June 4th. This is the last piece of information that NBC/USCIS needs in order to issue their determination. We’ve also been told that even though USCIS says they’ll issue it within 10 days, it’s usually a 3-4 day turnaround!!


How exciting is that?! So we’re now looking at getting our PAIR letter within a week of the embassy’s determination! As soon as we get our letter, we’ll update our agency so they can submit our case to court.


We went into this part of the process thinking we’d have 4-6 weeks of a “heads-up” if you will before traveling. After talking with our coordinator, it seems that Ethiopia is issuing court dates with little to no notice. Some families were only given a few days notification.


This is an awesome thing and kind of a bad thing.


It’s an awesome thing because I don’t have to pine for six weeks before actually traveling. I likely won’t have enough time to whine or cry or get all emotional about how much time it’s taking. Ha!


It’s kind of a bad thing because tickets will be a bit more expensive since we won’t have much notice.


But I still think the good outweighs the bad. My bank account may not agree, but who cares!  ;-P


So we’ve been advised by our coordinator to be ready to travel by the end of June. So we are doing just that. We’re working on getting the last bit of stuff needed for travel. We’re starting now so we can break up the cost of small toiletries, meds, snacks, etc.


I pulled out a folding table and set it up in our room so we can put our luggage and everything else travel related there. Mostly because I have a tendency to buy things far out, and then put them in random places…. I usually find them about 2 months after I needed them.


I even got a super head start on packing Bertie’s bag and picking out which clothes she’ll wear.


This is pretty big considering I’m generally a massive procrastinator. But this is exciting and long-time-coming, so that’s likely why I was able to stray from the norm. I’m sure it’s just a fluke.


This could be a bit smoother waiting until the 4th though... It’s already Tuesday, and we have a 7th birthday coming up on Friday and a preschool graduation on Friday night. It’s a “yay!” and “boo!” all at the same time *sniff, sniff*


And next week…. Well next week we’ve been chosen to be a part of something pretty exciting for us! I can’t share anything until Monday morning, but I’ve been dropping hints and teasers on FB and IG. I’ll definitely amp those up this week! So please check back next Monday! It’s exciting guys. HUGELY exciting!


BUT….. Here’s your little glimpse!

Last shot of the day. We started goofing off. 

Oliver licked me. Haha!

This is when I yelled "Ewwww! He licked me!" His face shows no remorse. Hehe. 

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