Friday, February 14, 2014




That was my word for 2014. Never would I imagine that I would see that hope fulfilled so quickly. I cannot stop smiling. And I cannot stop thanking God for His goodness. Tuesday was my 27thbirthday. On my 24th birthday, we mailed off our first piece of paperwork that started us on this journey.


It has been long and hard-fought, but when I got the call on Friday, all of it seemed to disappear. It’s no longer the thought in the forefront of my mind. It’s a distant memory (even though it’s not really that distant).


God never let us down. He was there with us through it all. He was with Bertie through it all.


And guys, this girl is radiant. There’s something about her, like her spark hasn’t been dimmed by all the hurt and loss she has experienced. And if that isn’t the Gospel, I don’t know what is. I wish I could show you her smile. The big shining smile. I wish I could show you her eyes. The glint that’s still there. She just glows!  


KC sent me a message on Monday. Someone at work said “What is up! You are like glowing!” – haha! I guess it’s contagious. KC, the boys, and I are all so full of joy and excitement. I’m just warning you, we will likely be unbearable to be around the next few weeks! Though it’s still a bit surreal. I see her. I know she’s mine, but it’s like it hasn’t quite set in yet. Each day is better and it becomes more of a reality – I just still can’t believe she’s ours!


I said all this to say, trust Him. He knows what He’s doing. He won’t let you go – He has you in His hands. You may be in a dark and difficult place right now, and whatever it is, know it’s just for a time. It will not last forever. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t moved on to someone else and left you stranded. He’s right there.


Sometimes we’re so caught up in what’s going wrong, that we miss Him standing right next to us. Stay strong friend. Whatever battle your facing, whatever trial you’re enduring – there is light just over the horizon. Keep your heart full of joy and your eyes on Him. You’ll make it through. 


In the words of Nacho Libre – “[You’ll] have your glory day in the hot sun.” I promise.  <3 



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