Friday, December 6, 2013

Agency Update....

Today KC and I got an update from our agency. We got some tough-to-digest news shortly followed by some oh-okay-cool news. 

The Tough-to-Digest News:
I'm going to sum this first part up as easily as I can because it involves a lot of legal jargon and red tape... I'm still not caught up on the logistics really. Apparently, a few months ago, a new step was added to the tail-end of international adoption processes. It's called the PAIR process. 

Pretty much, USCIS wants to thoroughly review the case before granting the appropriate paperwork for a child to come to the US. While this is a good idea in that it ensures a child is truly orphaned, it does have a few side affects. 

Once we accept a referral, before the new PAIR Process was implemented, we'd be submitted to court in a matter of weeks. Sadly, with this new process, it could be anywhere from 10-20 weeks before our case is submitted to court. 

In cases you're too confused or shocked to count, that's Five. Long. Months. That we could be waiting to meet Effie after we finally see her picture. While I'm in support of making sure she's truly orphaned, it seems crazy to make families wait that much longer. 

My mind is still reeling from this news. I sat on the edge of the bed and read the update to KC as tears started to blur my vision. I know that I know that I know that He's got this. I know the timing is in His hands. But sometimes, for a split second, it's hard to see the forest for all trees. 

KC kept me from having a breakdown. He spoke kind and calming words and told me that Gods got this. He reminded me of the verse in Exodus 14 - The Lord will fight for you. 

Because as I've said before, as hard as we're fighting for her, He's fighting for us. 

The Oh-Okay-Cool News:

Our Dossier has finally been certified and translated. Woot woot! 

Also, we won't have to update our Dossier again until we get a referral. Which is pretty awesome considering we would've had to start working on the 65+ pages of our lives again in about March. Ha!

So please friends - both old and new - keep praying for us. For families still waiting for their kiddos. For kiddos still waiting for their families. The holidays are tough enough without getting cruddy news from adoption agency's. I know all us adopting Mommas n' Daddies would appreciate the prayers.  ❤


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