Sunday, July 7, 2013

Baby Steps Bob....

Well, I was a bit delayed in sending our final paperwork to be state sealed. I mailed it off last Monday, about a week later than I thought. But that's okay! Because I got our home study papers signed for our updates and mailed them off on the same day. Miss A in Northwest Arkansas mailed our home study to Miss B in Little Rock on Wednesday. Miss B was out last week, so I suspect that our Dossier will be state sealed this week.

Once she's finished with her part, she'll mail it back to us and we'll mail it Michigan. I know we've gone over these steps before and it doesn't seem like we've moved much, but it's baby steps. We have to get excited about baby steps. Lol. (If you haven't watched What About Bob, I HIGHLY recommend it!)

So another baby step out of our way. But once we mail it to Michigan, that's it on our part! We hope we get it sent to them soon and they can get it sent to Ethiopia by the end of July. The courts in Ethiopia close every year for the rainy season at the beginning of August until the end of September/beginning of October. So we know it's unlikely that we'll get a referral/court date until October or November. But, KC and I are at the point that we're okay with it not happening until the beginning of the year.

Year-end is generally madness at work. I don't want to leave them hanging and come back to a big mess after I've been off. Haha! So, I'm totally cool with God working it out to happen in like February. And that'd be sweet because that's when we sent off our very first application to the first agency we contacted.

But, no matter when it happens - October, February, or June - we'll be so darn excited, we won't care what the date is.  :)

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