Friday, June 21, 2013

Almost there...



This is it! We are SO close to mailing off our Dossier. All of our background checks are back, and our home study is just waiting to be “approved”/signed off on. On Monday I’ll be mailing off our final documents to be state sealed. And that folks, is it. From there, our Dossier/BigFatFile heads to our International Coordinator in Michigan. From there, she’ll send it to Ethiopia. Once they process it, we’ll be on the wait list! OFFICIALLY! 


Also, we talked with our International Coordinator in Michigan last week about our Dossier. Our agency likes for all Dossier documents to be under 6 months old when submitted to allow for them to be valid for a longer period of time. They are only valid for 2 years before we have to get new ones gathered. Well, ours are about 11 months old. We were worried about that, but our IC was confident that we can just update our forms early next year instead of delaying us any further. She. Rocks.


She said she hopes we get a referral before that, especially since we’re open to special needs and a larger age range. Yes Miss C, we’re hoping so too! That was incredibly encouraging to hear from her. But, even if we don’t get a match before then, we’ll just work on updating our forms next February or March. No problem there.  :))


Well guys, this is where we’re at. I pray that the next time I update you all, our file will be on its way to Ethiopia or that we’ll already be on the waitlist! July looks like it should be the month! Eeeeekkkk!!! Just 2 months shy of our 2 year anniversary of being approved to adopt through the Ethiopia program. 


Please keep praying for us, and for Effie – whoever she is.  <3 



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