Friday, January 6, 2012

I. Am. Ashamed.

Okay, seriously - my last blog post was in OCTOBER?!?! How awful am I? Insert quote from Finding Nemo: "I. Am. Ashamed."  I like to keep everyone updated on what's been going on with the adoption, but unfortunately there's not been much happening.

We turned in the final bit of "formal" paperwork at the end of November. So the next steps are our homestudy visits and those were put on hold until after the holidays. So, we've had a few weeks of nothing. Lol. Well, nothing much adoption related anyways. We were told that hour visits should be scheduled for the end of January - so we're clinging to that for now and doing our best to continue to organize our house. Nothing better than a stranger coming in to "inspect" to give you that kick in the tushy you needed to finish your to-do list. Haha.

Our holidays went great - had a lot of fun family time at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The boys got WAY too many things, as per usual. So, I think we've devised a plan for next year:
1. A Want
2. A Need
3. A Wear
4. A Read
This will help keep the unnecessary toys to a minimum. Lol. Not that we don’t love that our family loves to get our boys things (We love you guys! You're awesome! Lol), but we don’t want the boys to get the wrong idea of what Christmas is about. This is the first year the boys were old enough to really understand the meaning behind it and so we were able to begin some nice traditions with them: Reading the story of Christ, Praying and thanking God before opening gifts Christmas morning, and baking a birthday cake for Jesus! The holidays were a blast!

Hmm, what else....? Oh! We have a new addition to the family - a Christmas present for the boys - Miss Chloe. A Great Dane. There were a few issues surrounding her (we were told she was 4 months old and she's probably around 9, she had every parasite a dog could have, save fleas, and she had mange. Talk about a vet bill!), but we're glad she's now in a loving home. She's an awesome dog and she's given Trixie a "second-wind" if you will. Trixie acts like a puppy with Chloe instead of an arthritic 9 year old! Chloe is following in Trixie's footsteps and has become an awesome watch-dog-who-thinks-she's-a-lap-dog. And if you've not seen her - she's bigger than Trixie!

Well, we're so excited for the New Year and all the adventures it's going to bring. I've been a bit discouraged about the financial end of the adoption - a few errors in judgement on my part as the financial steward for our house. I've been so ovewhelmed with guilt and shame that it was hard to function there for a few days. (Insert Finding Nemo quote again) But God has been speaking a few things to my heart the past few months and He's helped pull me out. And after last nights Worship Service at church, I feel better prepared to tackle the adoption this year and a few other things that God has told me I need to be rid of. I'm so thankful for Pastor Casey and Stacey praying over KC and I last night - I just felt a flood of relief at PC's confirmation of what I prayed and heard God speak to me in my seat 5 minutes before. (KPC peeps, if you have never been to a Wednesday night service - GO! I promise you won't regret it.)

God has been so faithful to us this last year and I felt as though I hadn't. But that will change this year. This isn't a "resolution", but instead a change of mind. It'll be hard to change my train of thought (thank you Freedom Ministries!), but so worth it. I need to dive in deep and trust in what He has promised us, that dream He has put in my heart - bringing our daughter home. So, I'll stay faithful and trust that He's got this.  ;)   So, my little one - until we meet you, know you have a mother who loves you deeply, a father who prays for you daily, and two rambuncious big brothers who are already protective of you (and those things are all interchangeable).

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