Monday, June 27, 2011

More News!

So, we finally have some news to report! I spoke with our social worker, Sarah, last week. It looks like we are going to be able to start the process VERY soon! Hopefully in the next few weeks! You have no idea how excited KC and I are. We also found out that even with all the delays that have been going on in Ethiopia, it's not nearly as long as what we had originally thought. We're praying that by the time we are ready to travel to pick up Santi, there won't be any delays at all; but, that's all in Gods hands. We have enough money saved up for the first 3 steps: the Formal Application, the Home study, and the USICS paperwork. All 3 steps will take between 2-3 months. Then, we can wait up to 6 months before preparing the 4th step which is the Dossier - the big file we send to Ethiopia so the can review and determine if we're suitable guardians/parents. That period of up to 6 months between those 2 sets of steps will give us time to save up more money. God has blessed KC and I tremendously by allowing us to stash away KC's income for the adoption. He has an amazing job working from home - and while it's not his dream job and it's something he's not used to, he's doing incredible! We're putting the entire financial aspect (well, along with everything else) in God's hands. It will all fall into place like it's supposed to. I'd hate to try to get "a step ahead of God' and screw everything up. I've been known to do that. Lol. Get impatient and think that I'll give God a hand. I've learned to be patient and trust in Him. He's never let us down and has gotten KC and I out of more difficult situations than I care to count. All I need to know is that He's got this.  ;)  

So, how else are we trying to raise the funds? Why, thank you for asking! (hehe) I'm working on 2 fundraisers right now. The first is with Scentsy. I know many of you know what that is, but I'm adding my link so that you can check it out. If you would like to have a party just let me know. Or, if you already know what you like, you can order it directly from my website. We will receive 20% of every order and it all goes to the fund to bring Santi home.

I'm also working on a fundraiser through One Mango Tree. I will be having a party for this one, I'm just not sure when or where. But you will be the first to know. They are an amazing organization out of Uganda. If you want to know more, you'll have to come to the party.  ;) 

I also just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for our family as we go through this process. It's long and drawn out, and we are doing our best to be patient and positive. Even though every fiber in my body aches to hold her in my arms; to see her playing with her brothers; to protect her in every way I can. I know God already has her chosen for us. I just can't wait to see her.

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